Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Oh, the beginning of December...I am so excited for Christmas! Presents, surprises, family, festive, holiday break...hmm...anything else I should add? Well, Christmas is a lot of things, I guess. Well, I can't wait for Christmas Season! It is going to be awesome!! I am actually freaking out. Literally. I can't sleep at night, I keep on thinking of my presents and stuff...I know its gonna be great! God, I am being such a freak about this, but, who cares? Anyways, lately I've been watching A WHOLE bunch of 80's shows. The Love Boat, A-Team, 21 Jump Street...too many to name:)

For Christmas the first thing on my list is a cell phone. I know the perfect one I want...that's one of the reasons I'm freaking out! EXCITEMENT! ha ha.

I watched parts The Goonies yesterday and thought it was really funny and something I didn't want to stop watching. The actors do a wonderful job at portraying their character. I find it also kinda funny I talk about old movies a lot of people have seen:)

At Thanksgiving when I was in Seattle I bought a book I've wanted for years...Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno. Its amazing and very interesting, especially if you like fashion and are interested in Japan. You will see a crappy picture of part of the cover with the words: Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno.I took that picture when I was bored...I have way better pics of the cover. I might add 'em sometime. This one was just a picture so I could take a picture. Ha, I do that a lot. Oops, it didn't load:( I'll try to add it tomorrow.

Well, happy holidays every, I AM EXCITED!!(did I say that?!)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving,reviews and a recipe

I love Thanksgiving...not only is it a time for family recipes, good food and turkey, but its a time for conversation and family. The food this year was delicious! I love Seattle. Its one of my favorite places, ever.

I finished Island of The Blue Dolphins and it was amazing. I love that book so much. Very nice.

I just watched the "preview" for the new Nick show, Big Time Rush and I HATED it!!The only good parts were the song and the guy,uh whats his name? James? I think that's what it is. It was just bad. The acting, the theme, the characters...things that where SUPPOSED to be funny where dull and stupid. I don't think that will be a favorite of the viewers and kids who watch Nick. In fact, I think it won't even last one season! But, maybe I'll be wrong. If I am, it really HAS to get better!!

I really love 21 Jump Street! Its one of my favorite shows now! Johnny Depp is favorite actor!

Before I go, I want to give a recipe thing that sort of relates to this picture. Okay, lets start.
1 Chocolate Peanut Butter rice cake (I think that's what its called)
1 jar of Jet Puff Mallow
2 or 3 large marshmallows
Okay now take your marshmallows and use a knife to cut them into slices. Then, take your rice cake and take a WHOLE bunch of mallow with another knife and smother it on. Smooth it out. You might need to add more mallow. Then take the cut up marshmallow and stick in on your rice cake. Eat. Enjoy. If you don't, someone will come and get you in the night!! Haha, that was a joke.
Well, all for now folks!!

P.S. I am not responsible for frustrated marshmallows that may bite, hurt or even kill as the picture shows. BEWARE OF THE MARSHMALLOWS!! haha...I am a dork yes, no one need point that out.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Leaving for Thanksgiving!!

I'm leaving to visit my family for Thanksgiving today!! I'm so excited!! Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone! All for the next few days...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday and Movies

Well, hello everyone! How is everything? I usually am not a fan of Mondays but this one has been pretty good, actually.
I'm so excited for Thanksgiving(as always)!!!What about everyone else?
I also like the break. I only have to do my homeschool work till tomorrow, then I have to pack. Awesome!

Okay, so last night I watched Dream a Little Dream starring The Two Coreys and I was not impressed. It was confusing and hard to understand. My brother compared it to a commercial, which is a great way to describe it. You know, when they just try to fit everything in quickly, and there isn't a lot of substance? That's what it was like. I overall couldn't understand a lot of it and didn't like it very much anyways. Although Corey Feldman still is a GREAT actor!

I'm almost done with Island of The Blue Dolphins. It's such an amazing book. I haven't been reading lately, but I'm gonna try to read some more after I finish it.
Well, all for now folks.

P.S. There was supposed to be a picture, but it didn't load. Lame:(
P.S.S. The weather is rainy, windy and dark...I love it:)

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Watching The Next Iron Chef, wondering who is going to win! I didn't watch the whole thing, I think it's sort of fixed or a mistake. Whoever wins, I'm not going to be very happy. The last two contestants, Chef Garces and Chef Mehta, where not the best cooks or had the most original food. It so disappointed me when they chose them and not Mullen! Mehta did worse and I know who wins!! although the show isn't over, I looked it up: CHEF GARCES WON IRON CHEF AMERICA! He was my favorite between the two, although I don't want either to win. Well, tomorrows Monday, which means back to school, back to work and Thanksgiving coming up!
Can't wait!

Books and Celebrities

I find it really sort of funny that Miley Cyrus has about five tour buses. I mean, seriously...isn't one or even OOOHHH TWO enough? Not for Miley, I guess. In these times in America where everyone is cutting back, saving money, some celebs just need more things. One tour bus crashed and one person died. But, I'm sure its a snap for Miley to just buy another person! Well, Miley, I hope you realize when you could be donating the money to children dying of cancer, you've got a bus load of buses(wow, lame joke!)!!
Rant over.

I'm currently reading Island of the Blue Dolphins and its a really good book! I was either choosing from that or The Book of Three. The book is about a girl who is on an island, The Island of the Blue Dolphins, and has to survive. I love how she is a truly strong and independent character. Describing her is difficult, because while she is passionate, she is strong and empowering. She is brave, but also is a real human, one with feelings and fears. This book has been really great so far.
Well, all for now!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Weekend!!

Watching 21 Jump Street for the first just started. The wind died down yesterday mostly, but now its back. It seems like everyone has seen or is seeing New Moon except me. Its so cold, too. In this house its totally freaky at night and COLD!!!Its crazy. I love Physic Kids...its a freaky show sometimes. I love looking through Photo Albums. Johnny Depp is an amazing actor. This has been quite a do-nothing weekend. I need to get cleaning, though. Okay, got to go.